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The girl heard the motor running and fast Spanish speech. When he reached the outbuildings, she saw the truck had brought food to the Villa. Driver-Cuban signaled her inviting herself. The girl threw the body bag and, clenching his teeth, climbed up there herself and sat down on the dirty boards. Machine rumble on a gravel path... Chapter 10 Jane smoothed his hands disheveled hair and shook off the clothes the dust of the road. Leaving the Elevator, she sighed deeply, preparing for the conversation with the administrator.

I need to see Mr Slade, please, ' asked Jane. – You have an appointment? – A young Negro girl did not want to break away from the magazine. – No, no. Just tell me what it wants to see, miss Alden. I hope he will not refuse to receive me. A young woman meticulously looked at high the scraggly girl. Annoying guest clearly did not inspire her confidence. Манга и аниме онлайн. Эччи, киберпанк, хентай и прочее. Анимэ - это круто. – Sorry, but if you have not made an appointment in advance... – She paused, squinting his eyes at the color illustration in the magazine. – I'm a close friend of Mr. Slade, ' said Jane, giving the voice a lot of determination. – He'll be very disappointed if you don't tell him about my coming. Jane barely held onto the wooden railing enclosing the Desk of the administrator. A two-hour shaking in a truck stole all her force, and then I had to trudge on foot for two blocks to the office in Slade.

The administrator reluctantly picked it up and something quiet in her said, frowning. She could not help the surprised exclamation, when a minute later the door swung open rapidly reception. – Jane! gasped Benjamin Slade, flying into space, decorated with walnut panels. – How did you get here? – I need help. Jane forced a smile. In his dark grey pinstripe business suit, white shirt and striped tie Mr. Slade looked strict and inaccessible. – Follow me, – said Slade, and dragged her into his luxurious office sokol-nsk.ru. – Come sit down, you look Строительство коттеджей, – the master ordered, pushing Jane to the sofa, upholstered in brown velvet. He walked over to a small bar occupies one corner of the room, and poured into a glass of cold water. – What are you doing here? Break the bed? Jane drank water, breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back on the soft pillows. – I am better. I just need a small amount to leave. I'll pay you back. I did not expect that the banks will be closed and... The girl paused, suddenly realizing that said too inconsistent. She pressed the cold glass to his cheek, trying to calm down. – Don't worry. – Slade amiably patted her on the arm. – Explain what happened? What's the rush?

Feeling like its flooded with a wave of hopeless despair, Jane abruptly said: – I went downstairs, hoping to surprise, but the surprise was waiting for me. Leo and Dolores talked in the living room, and I managed something to hear. I'm still going to leave. – She grabbed the hand Slade, sobs choked the girl. – Doris offered to put me and Leo agreed. I couldn't bear the shame... And here I am. What?! – Enraged, Slade jumped up from the couch. – What a scoundrel! I was sure that he... – Do not say so, ' gasped Jane, wiping tears the back of his hand. – What happened, what was supposed to happen. Leo has long wanted to get Doris. It's not his fault that I fell in love with him like the last fool that was choked with tears girl. – Listen, could you lend me a little cash, I would got on a bus and left town. I'm so ashamed to address you with such a request, I always cause people trouble... – Quiet now – demanded Slade, sitting down on the armrest of the sofa. Don't be silly. You are in no condition to go anywhere. You need a few more weeks to relax, sunbathe, you need to eat well. – A glance at the clock, Slade paused, something wondering in my mind. Now I'm going to West palm beach to conclude a deal and take you with me. – He smiled and looked at her frightened face. – Near there, I have a cabin refuge of the fisherman. There you will have a great time. – Mr. Slade, I can't allow you... – Shut up! quickly interrupted her companion, pulled out a handkerchief and carefully wiped the tears from her cheeks. He suddenly smiled, eyes glittering mischievously. – I imagine everyone was alarmed when I announced that adopted you?

Jane laughed, then began to cry again sokol-nsk.ru, hot tears flowed in streams down her cheeks. – You're so good to me... visited me every day while I was sick. I don't deserve it Коттеджный поселок. I... – Stop it, stop it, ' said Slade. Everything you need to you will buy on the road. The woman who looks after the house, will be able to take care of you. I... Jane shook her head. – I'm perfectly capable. Honestly, I already feel good...

The cabin was a comfortable house with three bedrooms with a spacious kitchen that is similar to the ship's galley, and a large living room with fireplace. Through the glass Windows from the ceiling to the floor had a lovely view of the sea. At sunset in the pink sky soared white and grey herons, terns and gulls. About the beginning of a new day or rather any clock proclaimed black skimmers with their shrill cries. Jane enjoyed reading books about nature Коттеджный поселок. And then, armed with binoculars Slade, spent her days wandering the beach, strewn with crispy shells, swimming and sunbathing. So calmly and steadily as the days passed. But at night, Jane had no control over their dreams. They revived the past. She dreamed that she was lying in the arms of Leo, his hands caressing her, his lips kissing her. Манга поселок, Лагуна Японской анимации, Коттеджный мультик без порно и секс ххх рекламы. Every time she woke up with an aching loneliness that tore the soul. Jane tried to reassure himself with the fact that her depression is a consequence of the disease. Benjamin Slade called at least two times a day. Jane dutifully described to him what she was doing. She suddenly felt that she had a father who genuinely cares about her. Stephanie Wallace had in the coming days to be discharged from the hospital. And Mr. Slade was looking forward to as both his "girls" are to rest together. Jane waited impatiently for the arrival of his friend. The day was amazingly beautiful. Flocks of seagulls hovered in the azure sky, stone, rushed into the sea, grabbing unwary fish. On a dirt track, Jane came to the grocery store, which provided all necessary.

During the week spent in this fantastic place, Jane's body was covered with a Golden tan, fruit on her table was abundant. So physically, the girl felt excellent, I couldn't say about her soul. Coming out of the store with a basket filled with food, Jane suddenly heard the joyous yelps and barking. From the half-open Windows of parked cars peeking black Terrier. For a moment Jane thought it was Ralph. It's an obsession. Carefully looking closer to the dog, she noticed that she was much smaller. And yet at the sight of this funny muzzle, bright eyes and black leather nose, Jane's eyes filled with tears. She scurried to escape to his cabin, burst into the bedroom, undressed, and collapsed on the bed. Was it worth so nervous because of one form of a dog? Jane buried her face into the soft pillow and forbidden memories to reopen the soul... Near her ear someone squealing with joy, a cold, wet nose persistently poked in the face. Jane opened her eyes and in amazement stared at Ralph. What the hell? It's just a game of imagination, inspired it. This is a dream. The mattress of her bed suddenly caved in under something heavy. The girl reluctantly opened her eyes, staring at another vision. On the edge of the bed sat a man. He had dark wavy hair. Brown eyes radiated warmth. Thick mustache emphasized the masculinity of facial features. He was dressed in a striped t-shirt and jeans. In his hands he held a jar of canned dog and a bowl. Jane closed her eyes again. God! It's crazy! The first thing you will do is feed that poor dog. Ralph had not eaten anything ever since you ran off. He dies of hunger.

Jane shuddered and sat up. She reached out and touched the Ghost. His flesh was warm. Therefore, it is not a dream?! Velvet Leo's eyes clouded with passion. You killed not only Ralph, but I do. You'll be able to muffle my hunger, but to satisfy his need whole life. Leo took off his shoes. They came down with a crash on the wooden floor. Pulled the t-shirt and threw it on the headboard. His fingers went to the belt buckle. – So help me, Jane. I would do anything to keep you. Surprised she looked at him for a few seconds, and then, with a sob, threw herself on his neck and threw him on the bed. The familiar steel grip, holding on to her shuddering body. She buried her face in his warm shoulder, reveling in happiness to feel under the palms of his elastic flesh. With emotion in her eyes filled with tears, and Jane burst into tears. Leo took the time to calm her down. A few minutes passed before he looked into her face and wiped her tears.

He gently put his arm around her bare shoulders, and smiled affectionately. – Jane, tell me, please, why did you run? God, I had to endure the most excruciating week of my life! Remembering the rock scene, Jane suddenly pulled away from Leo and put them on the sheet. – Why are you asking me this question? – cried the girl. – I'm my own ears heard you and Doris discussed the details of my expulsion. I wasn't trying to use you for selfish purposes and did not intend to let this woman humiliate herself. I left the house. You gave me the role of his intended bride. Consider that this role was beyond me, Leonard Marshall! – The eyes of Jane and threw thunder and lightning. Leo smiled, running a finger along the soft outline of her lips. – Fine, dear. If you stood a little longer behind the door, you would hear, as I expressed to Doris Fleming all what people think about her. – Leo said firmly and decisively, his eyes evil narrowed. – I ignored the rules of decorum and openly expressed her all that you think about her vile letter, and about the outrageous behavior towards you. Startled, Jane shook her head. – How so. I don't understand. After all, you and Doris...

Leo's mouth, covering her lips, interrupted phrase. Jane wound her arms round his strong neck, her fingers gently stroking his hard dark hair. Barrier in the form of snow-white sheets collapsed, and her Breasts rested against a muscular male torso. They toppled onto the pillows. Leo's fingers gently stroked the satin skin of her back, buttocks, all tightly clutching her to his malleable body. Then he turned her over and began caressing hot lips and tongue her firm Breasts. – Jane, hoarsely he moaned, between kisses. – I love you. I don't know what to do to make you believe me... Jane stiffened in his arms, unable to believe his ears. – I love you too. I love you so it's impossible to put into words. I'm slowly dying without seeing you, and would not now part with you, – she whispered in response. – Here and well. Leo kissed her. – Now we'll pack up and go home. Since the test of engagement has already passed, we just have to get married immediately!


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